From the Clubhouse

The Toowoomba Lapidary Club provides tuition and runs many activities throughout the year for its members:

Semi-precious stone cutting

Faceting / Gem cutting

Silversmithing courses

Field trips and fossicking excursions are frequently run for the keen ‘rockhounds’

Tips on purchasing gemstones

One of the most important occasions when we purchase a gemstone set in jewellery is for an ENGAGEMENT ring. It is quite a considerable outlay of money, and represents a promise of marriage and a symbol of commitment to join in a lifelong relationship.

  • How do you know you’re buying a natural gemstone?
  • Could the gemstone be man-made, synthetic or simulated?
  • Can you tell if the gemstone has been well cut?
  • Had you planned on asking anyone for advice before making this extraordinary purchase?

Well, here’s a little bit of help … 

Video tutorials on gemstone cutting (by John Dyer)

  1. How Gem Cutting influences the Value:
  2. How Gems are Cut:
  3. How to Distinguish between Good and Bad Gemstone Faceting:

2018 Toowoomba GEMFEST – Gems & Jewellery

Saturday 20 October from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm, and
Sunday    21 October from 9.00 am – 3.00 pm

Admission: Adults (13 and over):  $5.00.  Children under 13 are free.

Once again we’ll be holding our 38th annual Gemfest at the  Centenary Heights State High School. We want to thank everyone in the community who came along last year, and checked out the incredible selection of gemstones and jewellery, mineral and fossil specimens that were all for sale.

We’ll also be offering a free gemstone identification service provided by club member and member of the Gemmological Association of Australia. Over the years, this has been extremely well patronised – so much so that there was a limit on the number of items each person could present for identification.

The Fossicking for Children trailer has been a great hit, and it’s going to be ‘the best place’ for kids to hang out again this year. It’s FUN and we’ll see all the little fossickers there this year – in search of the treasures hiding in the sand.

Learn more ...

2018 Gemfest Raffle prizes

1st prize: Sapphire & diamond ring                 $1,750.00
2nd prize: Garnet pendant                                    $180.00
3rd prize:  Peridot ear studs                                   $60.00

Raffle tickets will be on sale at the main door – $1.00 each.

2018 Gemfest raffle prizes

Proudly supported by the Toowoomba Regional Council being a recipient of a 2018 Community Events Support Grant.


Rock collection belonging to the late Norman Donpon

Viewing dates: 1, 2, 8, 9 September 2018, Meandarra QLD
Tender closes: 30 September 2018

NOTE: This is not the Norman Donpon Collection which is housed in the
Miles Historical Museum, but his private collection amassed over his lifetime.

The collection is extensive and is estimated as several tonnes in weight. One piece is over 1 tonne. Mostly consisting of Petrified Wood, Pentoxylon (now Donponoxylon) and Tree Fern from the Chinchilla-Miles-Wandoan area. Either placed on shelves or stored in 205L, 60L and 20L drums, much is uncut and not sorted from the day it was collected.

Lapidary Clubs, some State lapidary organisations and individuals have been notified. Please let other interested persons know about this sale.

Further information and contact details are included on this Poster.

Nearby events

The QLD Museum in Brisbane has a display on the ground floor with precious and semi-precious minerals very much worth your time seeing (it’s also completely free!)