Useful Links

Interactive Journeys

Go underground at Coober Pedy: Umoona Opal Mine & Museum

Discover Online Exhibitions

The Maguire Collection [20:41min]: Queensland and Yowah matrix opal at its best!!

Geoscience Australia: National Mineral and Fossil Collection

Video Tutorials

Down to Earth Opals, Lightning Ridge: State-of-the-art showroom. The Outback Opal Hunters ‘Fire and Ice‘ opal carving by Andrew Kemeny.

Free online opal cutting videos: Everlasting Opals Australia

Black Opal Direct, Lightning Ridge: Opal body tone scale, video of a tailing out, and much more.

Video tutorials on gemstone cutting (by John Dyer)

  1. How Gem Cutting influences the Value:
  2. How Gems are Cut:
  3. How to Distinguish between Good and Bad Gemstone Faceting:

Lapidary Suppliers

Ashworths, Home Hill:

Aussie Sapphire Lapidary Warehouse:

Australian Jewellers Supplies, Brisbane & all branches:

Gemcuts – Lapidary & Jewellery Tools:

Gemworld, Brisbane:

Lapidary Slab Supplies – northern Queensland lapidary suppliers [for slabs, polished faces, saw blades, grinding wheels, machinery, crystals, silver work tools, and so much more …],  Pleystowe, via Mackay: Facebook

Varenkor Sintered burrs:

Water-based CCS diamond paste (8,000, 50,000, 100,000):
Delivery outside Queensland:
Delivery in Queensland: Flood Gem Australia.

Gemstones & Jewellery

LA Gems (premier QLD suppliers of quality cast settings – pendants, rings, earrings):

Crystal / Fossil Encounters:

BK Minerals (quality mineral and fossil specimens): 

Mineral Store (quality mineral specimens and calendars featuring gemstones):

Other Clubs & Community Links

Australian Gem Show calendar:

Australian Lapidary Club Listings:

Australian Facetors’ Guild Limited:

AFLACA (listing of rock and gem clubs):
Also check out the dates and venue when the next Australian National Gem & Mineral Show (GEMBOREE®) will be held (Easter long weekend).

Home Hobbies: Rock Collecting:

International Gem Society reference library:

Mineralogical Societies of Australasia:

Opportunities to Explore: Montana Learning Centre:

Rockhounds community on Reddit: /r/rockhounds/

American Geode (Rockhounding in North America):


Queensland Government website:

Fossicking locations, licences (gold and gemstone fossicking in SE QLD):

Fossicking in NSW State Forests:

Old Reference Material

Google book scan of ‘Practical Geology and Mineralogy: With Instructions for the Qualitative Analysis of Minerals’ Published in 1841:

More Reading & Interesting Articles

High5EmojiThis article from Bramlett Residential Real Estate introduces landowners, young and old, to a different way of looking at what might be under the ground at your place: Backyard Geology: A Guide for Homeowners and Families. Here are some tools for discovery.

High5Emoji Looking for a fresh start in a new career? The U.S. Career Institute offers courses through flexible, quality distance education.  A Career in Geology has a wealth of information and check out the links.

Gigantic predatory dinosaurs once roamed Toowoomba and  Ipswich (18 June 2020):
ABC News 

Discoveries in Flinders Ranges, SA indicate that megafauna lived alongside Aboriginal Australians. See ABC Science article dated 3 November 2016:

12 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World

The Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum: Home of the Warren Somerville Collection (Bathurst):

February 2016: Check out this recently-discovered 404.2 carat diamond discovery in Angola (27th biggest discovered in the world):

Check out the ‘high quality’ 1,111 ct diamond discovered at a mine in Botswana:

12 Most Expensive Gemstones In The World: Forbes wrote an article on the some of the most expensive known gemstones found to date