Costs and Fees

If you would like to become a member, you can pick up an Application for Membership form at the clubhouse. Your completed form, which also includes a Code of Practice will be presented to the following Monthly Meeting for ratification.  (These monthly meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday night of each month – EXCEPT January.  Visitors are most welcome to attend any of our Monthly General Meetings starting 7pm)

On becoming a member, there will be a short 30-minute induction where you will be given your own Orientation Manual to read prior to receiving any tuition. This induction provides you with club orientation and specific machinery safety information which you require before using any of the workshop equipment.  These induction sessions are held only on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The club has several expectations of all its members – and one is to be available on the Gemfest weekend each October to assist in the running of our annual fundraising event.

Due 1st July

Club Joining Fee       $15.00

Adults                        $40.00

Family                       $50.00

Junior                        $25.00

Workshop fees          $4.00 per night