How can we help you?

Where can I go to learn how to cut gemstones?

The Toowoomba Lapidary Club offers training to its club members. If you become a club member, you too can take advantage of this personalised training. Visitors are welcome to pop in to look around and evaluate whether they’d like to join the club. Note; children under 10 years of age cannot become members because they will not be covered by Public Liability insurance cover. Children under 12 years old MUST be supervised by their parent/ guardian at all times while at the clubhouse.

You will be given a tour around the clubhouse and workshop areas. If you wish to join, you will be given an envelope containing all of the relevant forms, and a covering letter which explains the process. Once your forms are completed, and fees are paid, your nomination will be taken to the next monthly Committee & General Meetings for ratification. Upon becoming a member, you will be provided with Orientation documents to read, and sign, before you can begin your training (takes about 30 minutes).

Would you like one of our members to give a talk at your school or club?

Our club is often requested by schools and organisations to provide a guest speaker. One of our gemmologists/ experienced club members will visit schools, at the teacher’s request, to give hands-on information sessions about volcanoes, rock formations, fossils, minerals, crystals etc. for their Earth Sciences lessons.  

Neighbourhood Watch, various local clubs and 4-wheel drive camping and caravanning expos have requested one of our members to come and talk to their group.  

Would you like us to put on a display or demonstration at your event?

The club has been invited to put on displays at the U3A Seniors Expo and the Bunnings Father’s Day Family Night.  In the past, this has also included demonstration/ displays at the Lions Creative Exhibition, the Rotary Club’s Hobby ‘n’ Craft event as well as the Toowoomba Agricultural Show.

Do you want gemstones identified?

Have you inherited some stones/gemstones from your family and you don’t know what they are, or whether they even have some value?

On your travels around Australia, have you picked up some interesting specimens, and you’d like to have them identified?

Have you inherited some machinery that you would like sold to a gemstone cutter?  We have many club members always looking out for second-hand lapidary equipment.

Come into the clubhouse on a workshop night (Tuesday or Thursday) and we’ll see if we can provide you with some answers.

Toowoomba Lapidary Club Objectives

  • To bring together all those who appreciate the collecting and working of gem and mineral material
  • To assist in identifying natural and synthetic/created/man-made stones
  • To provide the means for the increase and exchange of knowledge in the craft of lapidary
  • To promote the development of safe practices in the operation of lapidary equipment
  • To encourage and develop an interest in the earth sciences among the young, and provide support for teachers
  • To conduct, organise, supervise and participate in activities connected with the development of the lapidary craft
  • To maintain an active interest in the preservation of the environment
  • To support community activities
  • To host the annual Gemfest (in mid-October) for Toowoomba residents and visiting public
  • To support the promotion and development of visitor interest in the local community.

2 thoughts on “How can we help you?

  1. Hi Graeme,
    The Toowoomba Lapidary Club is closed for the time being, due to COVID restrictions. We do not have a definite date yet for when we can re-open. When we do, we will still be under quite strict pandemic guidelines for numbers of people we can have at the clubhouse (and all of those will be club members who wish to use the workshop facilities).
    We have put a hold on signing up new members, as this would be unfair on them – with limited access to training staff to provide tuition and help to get them started.
    We can only suggest that you keep in touch with us and watch for notices on the HOME page of our website.
    You are not alone … there are others who would love to join our club and learn more about this ancient craft.
    We look forward to catching up with you sometime soon.

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