Want to join our Club?

From October 2022, the Toowoomba Lapidary Club introduced a different way for the public to join our Club. The following information outlines the processes to be completed before making the commitment to join the club.

Pre-Requisite for Membership (PRM)

Please come into the clubhouse and ask for a Pre-Requisite for Membership pack. After completing and submitting all the PRM forms, you will be given a copy of your signed PRM Application.

As a prospective member the requirement to undertake a PRM period takes up to two months. During this period, you would need to attend the following:

  1. A social event or field trip;
  2. A General Meeting (held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (except January) at 7.00 pm at the Clubhouse; and
  3. Observe at least one session of workroom activities at the clubhouse.

When attending events, a signature from the duty officer added to your copy of your PRM Application form will confirm your attendance. (Once you have attended these PRM activities, it is at this point that a prospective member can ask for the Application for Membership package.)

Having the chance to attend these activities provides an opportunity to meet club members, to ask questions and to gauge how you feel about the club and what it can provide for you. Also, it offers a point of reflection on how you may want to become involved in our club and give back to this club, once becoming a member.

During the PRM period, prospective members will be sent a copy of the Club’s Constitution, By-laws and Policies, as well as the current ‘What’s Happening’ calendar of events and club activities.

Some of the activities offered during the PRM period are:

  • Field trips
  • Meet and Greet morning teas
  • Auction of rocks and minerals.

Please note: If you have been a member of another lapidary club within the last three years and can obtain a reference letter from that club confirming your membership and existing lapidary skillset, the PRM period may be waived. 

At the end of the PRM period, a prospective member may OR may not wish to actually join our club, and that is the whole purpose of having this period of time where there is no commitment or payment made.  It provides an opportunity for further information gathering on the part of someone who would like to join our club.

Application for Membership

Only after successfully completing the PRM period of activities, can a prospective member ask for an Application for Membership pack. Completed forms will be submitted to the next General or Committee Meeting for ratification. Before undergoing any club activities, there is a requirement to complete an induction of around 30-45 minutes at the clubhouse (on either a Tuesday or Thursday evening), before any training can commence. Then a new member is ready to be offered:

  1. a Cabbing for Beginners 1-day weekend workshop in cabochon cutting
  2. Silversmithing 1-day workshops either once or twice a month on a weekend.

See the Contact Us tab to get you started.